June 16, 2015 | 8:30 am to 2:00 pm
The Manhattan Club - New York, NY



8:00- 8:30 AM


Intro & Kickoff

8:30-8:35 AM

Presented by: Beth Negus Vivieros, Managing Editor & Patty Odell, Senior Editor, CHIEF MARKETER



8:35- 9:00 AM
Social media is a double-edged sword. Sharing content on social platforms can provide astonishing results, but it’s tricky to truly understand the ROI and discover who is really behind those clicks and shares. Is that a fan or follower, a loyalist, a new customer—or someone who really doesn’t care about your brand? Felix Palau shares how Heineken uses social media as a marketing and communications tool to generate conversation and get consumers to pop open a cold one.

Presented by: Felix Palau – Vice President Heineken Brand, Global Marketing, Americas, HEINEKEN



9:00- 9:25 AM
Generating mass reach through branded video marketing is an important goal for marketers, but a shift is underway. You can post your video on Facebook, Twitter, your homepage or other channels, but if the content isn’t grounded in a great idea, told through exceptional storytelling that is engaging, relevant, meaningful and valuable it will fizzle fast. Marketers at the Clean & Clear brand are experts at producing dozens and dozens of branded videos that drive business and excitement around the skincare brand’s product. Kacey Dreby tells us how it all happens.

Presented by: Kacey Dreby – Group Brand Director, US Skincare, JOHNSON & JOHNSON



9:25 – 9:45 AM
Marketers are no longer satisfied with merely reaching customers and prospects at live events. Today, they want to engulf them in a true brand experience that begins before the event and lasts long after it is over. You capture rich, valuable data before and during the event, and carry on the excitement for days, weeks and months after. Amy Green tells us how Ford gets it done.

Presented by: Amy Green – Marketing Development Specialist, East Market Area, FORD


Networking Break

9:45-10:10 AM



10:10- 10:35 AM
Communicating with consumers via mobile devices is critical in today’s connected world. Be it through webpages, videos and SMS or email messages optimized for mobile viewing, or more advanced tech solutions such as location-based messaging, marketers know they need to leverage mobile to reach customers. But what’s the best way to make that happen? Get the scoop here.

Presented by: Cindy Manzo – Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing & Partnerships, CHURCH & DWIGHT, representing ARM & HAMMER
                       Mike Dillon – Executive Director Brand Activation & Shopper Marketing, COLANGELO SYNERGY MARKETING



10:35- 11:10 AM
One-off marketing tactics have largely gone by the way of white bread. It’s no longer just about a stand-alone sweepstakes or event, its about tying that sweepstakes to that event- then to social marketing, email, mobile and beyond with a clear theme and consistent message and creative. In this session you will learn best practices for integration strategy, execution and follow up, as well as pulling all those elements together in a cohesive measurement system to determine ROI.

Presented by: Lauren Ulrey – Brand Manager, SNYDER’S-LANCE
                       Nat Thomson – Strategy Director, TENTHWAVE DIGITAL



Wrap Up

11:10- 11:15 AM


Attendee Networking

11:15- 11:45 AM



Our rousing celebration and honoring of this year’s top-notch promotional marketing campaigns.

11:45- 12:15 Registration for Awards

12:15-12:35 Lunch/Buffet

12:35-2:15 25th Annual PRO Awards Presentation



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